Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fellowships International Pilot

Program for Students

The SustAInLivWork Centre of Excellence (hereinafter – CoE) is pleased to announce a Student International Internship Program in Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter – Program), funded by Horizon Europe SustAInLivWork project (No. 101059903). The Program is intended to expand opportunities for Bachelor (BSc) and Master (MS) students to gain experience and to improve their analytical and technical skills in the Artificial Intelligence domain in an international environment and increase their awareness of sustainable development goals.

Internship’s main conditions

Research topics for internship

It is highly recommended to choose the Hosting institution for the internship based on the research topics proposed by project partners’ institution:

  • TUHH proposed:
    • topics could be found here;
    • ECIU micro-module “Image analysis for intelligent systems in medicine” is now available here (application period starts in September).
  • TAU proposed topics: to be confirmed
  • KTU proposed topics: to be confirmed
  • VMU proposed topics: to be confirmed
  • LSMU proposed topics: to be confirmed
  • VILNIUS TECH proposed topics: to be confirmed

Eligibility requirements

  • Student in Bachelor (from 3rd semester) or Master study cycle.
  • Have AI background, solid programming and IT skills. For LSMU students, digital skills in health-tech.
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 8+.
  • Have an English language level B2 or above. 

Financial support

The financial support is calculated on the basis of monthly fixed top-up amount of 3.100,00 EUR. The top-up amount to be fully used to support travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for the student during his/her internship.

Application and execution of an internship process

Step 1: Open calls for applications:

1st of September (1); 1st of December (2); 1st of March (3); 1st of June (4).

MUST DO: the Student fills in and submits the registration (application) form via Student Enrollment Form for AI Fellowship International Program ( together providing mandatory documents:

  • Transcript / proving document of a grade point average (at least 8+).
  • Proving document of English level achieved (preferably B2 and above).

Step 2: Evaluation of the Student candidate application:

Release the official notification (Internship Invitation Letter) to the student selected. If needed, the interview with a potential Student candidate will be organized and conducted.

Step3: Documents before Internship starting preparation and signing:

  • Internship Agreement
  • ANNEX 1: Internship Arrangement

Attention: both Internship Agreement and Annex 1 Internship Arrangement are managed by Sending institution (together with Hosting Institution).

Step 4Documents proving the Internship is carried out successfully:

  • Internship Confirmation Letter
  • Internship Completion Report
  • Documents proving the Internship (travel tickets, boarding passes, etc. relevant travel documents).


If you have any questions about the program or how to apply, please contact us at

The project is co-funded under the European Union's Horizon Europe programme under Grant Agreement No. 101059903 and under the European Union Funds’ Investments 2021-2027 (project No. 10-042-P-0001).

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